Is TCWUG (ie, wireless user group) a dead thing or a good place for wireless topics?

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  It could be he meant internet (note: lowercase ' i ' ) to mean its basic term of network of networks, which could also have one or more paths to the (big ' I ') Internet.
  </devils advocate>

  A large scale wireless network is difficult to manage. Also licensed frequencies are so much better to use in terms of signal interference but they cost non-zero dollars.
  I am not suggesting you quit trying but it will take a serious effort (read: lots of time) to actually deploy and maintain on an ongoing basis. This project is only passively interesting to me personally but I have no problems offering up moral support and assist on any periodic troubleshooting requests sent via the list here.

  On Wed, 2010-12-22 at 17:09 -0600, Tony Yarusso wrote: 
On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 1:17 PM, Samael <samael.anon at> wrote:
> fcc opend up bandwidth for public use.  we could make a wireless mesh
> network consisting of multiple antena and start our own internet.

Yes, technically you *could*, but just how much usefulness would a
network with just you on it have?  No access to your bank, Freenode,, Google, etc.  "Critical mass" and "economy of scale" are
pretty important concepts here.

 - Tony

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