Greetings Asim,

Did you ever have any success in using the WMP11 PCI card as a linux access

/s/	Martin

Tue Jan 15 18:56:59 2002 
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> > [...]
> > Why are you not interested in using the adapter cards ? If price
> > is the problem, MPC in Eagan currently has Lucent adapters for $10
> > (I believe they use a TI bridge chip, not a PLX.)
>My bad - they are $20.
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The reason I didn't want to use PCMCIA/Adapter combo is because attaching 
external antennas is nasty and flaky most of the time. I know you can buy 
pigtails for a bunch of the cards out there including the Orinoco (~ $40 for


Over the weekend, I did end up buying the linsys WMP11 for my leeenux!
The installation for client setup was pretty straight forward using the 
wlan-ng driver.

Now I am going to try setting it up as an AP. I am not sure if Jouni 
Malinen's driver will work as someone had suggested earlier. That driver is 
written for PCMCIA cards, and I have a PCI card.....I suppose I will find