On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, nryberg at uspsoig.gov wrote:
> I'm thinking about setting my dad up with a solution to a similar
> solution. My parents are living in kind of a dual home situation to
> help out my grandparents who are across the street, about 500 feet
> away.
> What would you suggest for an AP and or antenna that could make that
> reach? Or would most products out there do it on their own?


Sorry, haven't checked this mailbox in forever.

Cheap, go a Linksys WAP11, and an antenna and cable from hyperlink
[http://www.hyperlinktech.com/]. 14dBi patch should be way more than
enough power for that reach, assuming you've got good line of sight.

So, $149 for the antenna + cable, ~$130 for a WAP11, and whatever kind of
client card you want.

Note that if you'll be going through walls or anything this may not work
real well -- I've heard people recommend buying a USB wireless card for
the client side so you can put it in a window facing the right direction.

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