i joined this mailing list a couple of weeks ago and i just recently
finished catching up on the mailing list archives.  from some of the
discussions that took place a couple of months ago there was some interest
in creating a real community wireless network but nothing (or so it would
seem from the archives) was really done about it.

i've had several opportunities to use the seattle wireless networks and
several in the bay area as well as the guerrilla network in the boston
area and i'm quite disappointed that there isn't anything equivalent in
the twin cities area. 

since building really big service provider networks is what i do for a
living. i figured if i'm disappointed in this i should really do something
about it.  

is there a populace amongst the list that would be interested in meeting
and coordinating the deployment (albeit i'm sure quite limited at this
time?) of such a network?  i'm in the process of setting up a public
access point in my neighborhood (NE minneapolis) once my omnis show up.

i've been hacking on the NoCatAuth stuff ( to talk to
real routers (cisco) for the traffic shaping and such.  since this seems
to be the most promising mode of community authentication i would be quite
willing to host an authetication server for local authentication and
integration with other WCNs.

any takers? any interest in setting up a face to face meeting for
interested parties? there are a plethora of network design and
administration issues which would need to be addressed in deploying this
on any scale. i understand that the dunn bros. in st. paul has wireless
access and that it will be forthcoming at a few other locations.  if there
is considerable interest in a whiteboard session i can likely host a
meeting a class/meeting room at work with a whiteboard. (sorry - no public
wireless access).

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