I'm curious to see exactly what a re-cased WAP-11 would look like and what
it does.

How's a Saturday afternoon, sometime in May sound for people?  Maybe Dunn
Bros. in St. Paul, as a good access point (so to speak), to get people

I think we're approaching some sort of a critical mass in terms of people
who are interested... Andy, and a number of other notables, have provided
numerous, technically specific replies to my mega-newbie questions.  If we
could have everyone more or less in the same room, especially with good
coffee, that'd be really nice.

If we can get a date going, how about intentionally cross-posting to the
TC-LUG list?

Since I'm a idea machine right now, who can I talk to about getting more
content up on the www.TCWUG.org website?  This would be a good starting
point for people who would like to know what it takes to get started,
compatibility issues with *nix, and maybe some sample AP site maps of the
Twin Cities...

- Nick Ryberg

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I think a face-to-face meeting of TCWUG would be a great idea, long
overdue. I'll offer to do some show and tell at a meeting, with a
re-cased, tower mount WAP-11 with POE, as long as the meeting happens
before I bolt it to my chimney :-) If anyone can supply a PCMCIA-capable
Mac (or an Intermec AP), we could do an alchemy BOF too, where Lucent
Silver cards were upgraded to Gold.
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