On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, nryberg at uspsoig.gov wrote:
> How's a Saturday afternoon, sometime in May sound for people?  Maybe
> Dunn Bros. in St. Paul, as a good access point (so to speak), to get
> people together?

I'll try to attend, but may not be able to -- having a social life gets in
the way of things. (I have yet to be able to make it to a TCLUG meeting..

> I think we're approaching some sort of a critical mass in terms of
> people who are interested... Andy, and a number of other notables,
> have provided numerous, technically specific replies to my mega-newbie
> questions.  If we could have everyone more or less in the same room,
> especially with good coffee, that'd be really nice.
> If we can get a date going, how about intentionally cross-posting to
> the TC-LUG list?

I'd think we could get away with posting a single message to TCLUG just
mentioning the meeting..

> Since I'm a idea machine right now, who can I talk to about getting
> more content up on the www.TCWUG.org website?  This would be a good
> starting point for people who would like to know what it takes to get
> started, compatibility issues with *nix, and maybe some sample AP site
> maps of the Twin Cities...

I've got access to it along with Rick (our web guy; cc'd) and Bob.

We just need to decide what type of content we want to put up there, and
get it going.

I'm certainly interested (along with many other people) in getting a
network going.. I was planning on setting up a access point for external
use at my house, but I sold the gear I was going to use (pair of Linksys
WAP11's, and a few antennas) to a company owned by a friend of mine who
needed a wireless link up in a hurry to replace a broken fiber, and
cashflow's tight right now so I don't get to buy new stuff.  :( 'Course, I
do have a RG-1000 sitting in a box, so I could always just throw that in
my attic with the internal antenna (or convince myself to fork out $100
for a cheap-o omni and a pigtail to connect to the internal NIC), and it'd
probably cover a little bit around my house.  :)

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