I've got a few antennas here, as well as a friend of mine who's got a gps
and laptop. (guess what us loosers do on the weekends) I'd be interested in
seeing if a few of these "Cantennas" can do some p2p links, as people have
suggested they can.

Out on the Unisys campus there's a really REALLY powerful link, SSID of
"2600". it's got wep so we didn't try anything with it, but anyone have any
clue who owns this link and is blanketing the entire southeast metro? (Just
out of curiosity really)

Anyways, an accual working wireless city lan would be nice. Ride the bus to
work, and check my email before i get there... *drool*

Also, there's the linux-wlan-ng project that also can use pci/pcmcia cards
in AP mode. This is what i do, since my AP sucks. Steve, got any phat
hookups for a cisco 350? :)

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