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i'll follow up with you unicast re: NE coverage.  but it sounds like there
is some life and interest in this topic on the list.  i'm going to ping a
couple of other forums here in the twin cities regarding this (mn.general
where the s/n ratio is abysmal and the visi.* groups).  i've placed a few
queries into the powers that be regarding hosting a meeting at work and
historically this has never been a problem so i'm not anticipating any

i'll have more information regarding what dates are available and such
within a day or so.  more as it happens.

when last we saw our hero (Sunday, Apr 28, 2002), 
 Jeff Lehman was madly tapping out:
> Sounds like a good deal.  I live in NE minneapolis also; near central and 
> st. anthony pkwy.  I'm pretty much a newbie to 802.11 but I'd be interested 
> in doing what I can to contribute to any kind of network we set up.  A 
> TCWUG meeting is definately overdue :)
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