Andy Warner wrote:
> [...]
> what I can tell. Time for an email to concourse...
> I'll post what I find out (if anything.)

Clue atrophy, wrt concourse communciations:

I just got this bounce:

>   To:      airport_access at
>   Subject: Pricing questions.
>   Sent:    Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:35:16 -0500
> did not reach the following recipient(s):
> airport_access at on Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:32:35
> -0500
>     The recipient name is not recognized
>         The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a= ;p=Concourse
> Commun;l=METAFRAME0201301632D9T0CGS9
>     MSEXCH:IMS:Concourse Communications:Springfield:METAFRAME 0 (000C05A6)
> Unknown Recipient

iPass looks like an earthlink-like substance (remote access
aggregator) with the added value of being global and having a canned
VPN solution. Their list of US ISP partners is not particularly
impressive. In order for access to be free, you need to have either
an iPass account, or one with a partner ISP - unless there's some
late breaking news, I think the Strib article is misleading - classic
case of bait and switch/easily led journalist.

I'd expect a boingo account to work at the airport after some
period of iPass/boingo haggling.

I have no idea how robust the iPass VPN technology is.
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