Asim Beg wrote:
> Just curious what you guys think of yesterday's article in Star Tribune.

The pricing is a little vague. Concourse/iPass are going
to somehow extract money from corporate accounts, but
if you've got a wireless laptop anyway - it's free.
Am I the only one that can't make that add up ?

If you go to the concourse/ipass web sites, you'll
not find a whole bundle of info about pricing - they
seem to be following the wayport et. al. model from
what I can tell. Time for an email to concourse...
I'll post what I find out (if anything.)

> I was amused by one of the comments on slashdot:
> "Unless the thing supports IPSec, it would be 100% useless for business 
> travelers
> Last time I was at the IETF, in Pittsburgh, Marconi was running the show and 
> gave everyone 802.11 cards. I plugged mine into my notebook and fired up my 
> Ethernet sniffer, which collected approximately 700+ webmail 
> username/password pairs, over 100 POP logins, a good littering of telnet 
> logins, a bunch of tunneled CIFS logins, and other assorted good stuff. 
> Enough to crack into a user account at a large portion of the represented 
> telco R&D firms. What I learned at IETF that year: the telecommunications 
> world was still too stupid to be allowed to own wireless ethernet.

I can vouch for that. At Nanog22 during one of the breaks,
someone put up a slide with 40 or so passwords on it that they had
snarfed with dsniff.
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