Jon Kotek wrote:
> Hey just wanted to say hello, I am currently running mostly D-link equipment 
> (ap-1000, DWL-650 cards) just looking to see if there is any info out there 
> for improving my access point or if I have to bite the bullet and buy a wap-
> 11.

I dunno that a WAP11 is going to be that much of an improvement over
a DWL-1000AP..

What are you trying to improve: speed, range, features ?

You may be able to increase the range by adding an external
antenna. Here's some fairly crude instructions on how to replace
the MMCX (I think) that goes to the folding antenna with an
N connector:

You can always use a pigtail that matches the connector on the
folding antenna (as I said, I think it's an MMCX) - use this to
connect to some third-party antenna (the exact one depends on
the area you wish to cover and the $$ you're willing to spend.)
Examples include:

I'm sure a few minutes spent with google will return more options.

What kind of improvements did you have in mind ?
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