On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Jon Kotek wrote:
> Hey just wanted to say hello, I am currently running mostly D-link
> equipment (ap-1000, DWL-650 cards) just looking to see if there is any
> info out there for improving my access point or if I have to bite the
> bullet and buy a wap- 11.

What do you want to improve? If you just want to do range, an external
antenna may help.. with an AP-1000, you have to take the case apart and
hack in an external antenna connector.. just read Andy's post, he gives
the link on how to do it. Let us know what you're trying to improve, and
we should be able to help.  :)

> Nate, not sure if you remember me, I worked with you during the
> Madmouse days.  Actually I should thank you, I thought your domain was
> so cool I wanted a mad-something domain myself and found this one
> (madgenius.com).

Actually, Madmouse wasn't mine.. 'twas Steve's.  :)  But yeah, I remember
you.. 'twas a long time ago!

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