Clay Fandre wrote:
> So where is a good local place to buy a good card and AP? Know any deals? I'd like to also be able to use an external antenna with my laptop. Any suggestions on models? (Must be Linux compatable)

Do you really want to buy from a brick-and-mortar store ? I guess the
usual suspects will carry stuff:

	best buy
	micro warehouse

Unless you think you might be returning it, I'd figure out what
to buy and get it mail-order, myself.

Most of the D-Link stuff seems to have very limited performance/range.

Linksys is better, but not by a great deal.

I've had good experiences with the SMC 7004 AP, it seems to have
good performance/range. Haven't heard great things about their
PCMCIA cards.

There is a zcomax PCMCIA card with an RP-SMA connector that makes
adding an external antenna easy, the XI-300. Beware, the XI-300B does not have
the antenna jack.

Lucent/Orinoco/Agere/<various OEMs> PCMCIA cards are good
performers with a tiny antenna connector.

Cisco cards are stellar, if you can find one in your price
range - check you're getting one with an antenna jack, though.

With any of the APs that you might buy, be sure to flash them to
a more recent version of the firmware from the suppliers web page,
because out-of-the-box, most of them will crash on you regularly
(Lucent, Cisco and Apple are mostly expempted from this hall of shame..)

What are your criteria: price, range, features, hackability,
compatibility with [netstumber|kismet|...] ?
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