On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Andy Warner wrote:
> Do you really want to buy from a brick-and-mortar store ? I guess the
> usual suspects will carry stuff:
> 	best buy
> 	micro warehouse
> 	<others...>
> Unless you think you might be returning it, I'd figure out what to buy
> and get it mail-order, myself.
> Most of the D-Link stuff seems to have very limited performance/range.
> Linksys is better, but not by a great deal.

In my experience, Linksys AP's are fairly decent, but the Linksys cards

> I've had good experiences with the SMC 7004 AP, it seems to have good
> performance/range. Haven't heard great things about their PCMCIA
> cards.
> There is a zcomax PCMCIA card with an RP-SMA connector that makes
> adding an external antenna easy, the XI-300. Beware, the XI-300B does
> not have the antenna jack.

XI-300 is actually a RP-MMCX card (I've got one sitting next to me).. I
believe the Proxim OEM card of the XI-300B has the RP-SMA on it.

> Lucent/Orinoco/Agere/<various OEMs> PCMCIA cards are good performers
> with a tiny antenna connector.

Very good cards.

> Cisco cards are stellar, if you can find one in your price range -
> check you're getting one with an antenna jack, though.

Yeah, you want a LMC series, instead of the PCM-XXX.

> With any of the APs that you might buy, be sure to flash them to a
> more recent version of the firmware from the suppliers web page,
> because out-of-the-box, most of them will crash on you regularly
> (Lucent, Cisco and Apple are mostly expempted from this hall of
> shame..)
> What are your criteria: price, range, features, hackability,
> compatibility with [netstumber|kismet|...] ?

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