Clay Fandre wrote:
> On Fri, 08 Mar 2002, Jeffrey C. Lehman wrote:
> > I've had good success with the guys at fab-corp ( and plus 
> > they have the orinocco gold card on sale for $80.
> >
> Does the orinocco gold card support an external antenna? How does it
> work in Linux?

All the orinico cards support external antennae. Pry the little plastic
plug off the end of the card and you'll see the connector. Be advised
that these are light duty connectors, so be very careful connecting
and disconnecting things and try not to stress the connectors physically.

What kind of external antenna do you want to attach ? Some of
the smaller "range extender" antennae can be ordered with the
mating connector already attached.

Linux support is good, but there's multiple flavours. Check out:

I'd recommend the orinoco_cs driver. Several distros still default to
using the older wvlan_cs driver.

Lots of the snoopier tools are based on the Intersil Prism
chipset (used by zcomax, linksys, smc, etc etc.) This chipset
is quite different from the one used in the Orinoco cards (which
use the "Hermes" chipset.) Again, it comes down to what you want
to use the card for.
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