On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 05:09:32PM -0600, Andy Warner wrote:
> In contrast, Prism-based cards work fairly well in monitor
> or promiscuous mode. The developers of the wlan-ng driver
> did not put it in the last release (0.1.13), but there's
> a patch that supposedly adds promiscuous mode to it.
> 	o Latest wlan-ng driver:
> 		ftp://ftp.linux-wlan.org/pub/linux-wlan-ng/linux-wlan-ng-0.1.13.tar.gz
> 	o promiscuous patch:
> 		http://www.shaftnet.org/~pizza/software/0132-promisc-v23.diff
> I've not tried this patch myself yet, I only read about it
> this morning..

I'm using this patch..

> Kismet may need monitor mode to get access to the 802.11 headers,
> and I think that mode is well supported in the vanilla 0.1.13
> driver. Any local kismet users care to chime in ?

Kismet works fine without the patch, but works better with it, I use
a combination of prismstumbler and kismet, along with some of my own

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