> > I'd really like to get started on setting something up in my
> apt, so I can
> > surf at the coffee house a block away and on my patio. Is this feasible?
> > Where/what do you recommend I start reading?
> Do you want to set up a network at your apartment (do you already have
> cable/DSL ?) and use the same card in your laptop to access the coffee
> shop; or access the coffee shop from your apartment/patio ?
Yeah we have the apartment all setup. We have cat5 in the walls here. So I
really don't need to have wireless in the house. I can access the (DSL)
network from any room, upstairs or downstairs. Which is fantastic. When
ricochet was still around, I used that. So I could be at the coffee shop or
on the patio or at my clients, etc and get access. I really miss that
convienence. Since its going to be a long time before Aerie networks
re-opens the market here, I wanted to get my own set up up and running and
maybe share it.

So what are you guys reading to get you to this point or were you all just
born with some inherent wireless knowledge?? ;)