Jacqueline Urick wrote:
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> Yeah we have the apartment all setup. We have cat5 in the walls here. So I
> really don't need to have wireless in the house. I can access the (DSL)
> network from any room, upstairs or downstairs. Which is fantastic. When
> ricochet was still around, I used that. So I could be at the coffee shop or
> on the patio or at my clients, etc and get access. I really miss that
> convienence. Since its going to be a long time before Aerie networks
> re-opens the market here, I wanted to get my own set up up and running and
> maybe share it.

Ah. Now I get it, sorry for being dense. You need two things:

	o An access point. This bridges packets between your
	  ethernet and wireless clients (laptops, atc etc.)
	  The access point acts as central hub for a wireless
	  LAN. Examples include:

		o Agere RG-1100
		o Apple Airport
		o Linksys WAP-11
		o and many others

	o Wireless card in your laptop. Again lots of vendors, follow the
	  other thread on TCWUG for discussion/recommendation. 802.11b
	  is a standard, so you don't need to get the AP and the card
	  from the same vendor.

You'll create your own wireless network around the access point. Whether
this reaches the coffee shop is something you'll have to experiment
with. If there's a lot of bricks & mortar between your apartment
and the store, it'll take more work.

You *may* have to get as involved as putting an external antenna
on the access point, and experimenting until you get the signal
coverage you desire. At some level this becomes basicly a black
art, so without you divulging way too many specifics, it can
be hard to predict. Since you want wireless on your patio anyway,
buy some stuff and start experimenting. Most vendor's client
software comes with an application that shows how strong the
signal is, so you can walk around and experiment (when you get
paid for it, you can call it a "site survey" :-))

If you want this to be open access, you'll have to think about how
you want your network setup from a security standpoint, otherwise
anyone will simple have access to your ethernet. This may be OK
with you, I don't know.

> So what are you guys reading to get you to this point or were you all just
> born with some inherent wireless knowledge?? ;)

Some good resources on the net might be (in no particular order):


There are about a zillion mailing lists you can join too, the signal
to noise ratio and techncial content are variable, but if you've got
the time to lurk a lot of information (and *dis*information) can
flow past you. The last 5 sites listed above host assorted mailing lists.
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