Jeffrey C. Lehman wrote:
> [...]
> part in.  It works very well in Windoze with netstumbler.  The next project 
> is getting it to work with kismet.  Which brings up one of the bad points 
> about the card.. I guess most of the programs written to capture packets 
> need the prismII chipset.  I think i'm gonna go grab one of those today.

That would be grab, as in "walk over to aisle 3, and pick one up" in
your case ? :-) :-)

The Orinoco cards don't do well at either monitor mode or promiscuous
mode, which is what a lot of the snoop/crack programs need. I believe
that agere removed/hid/crippled support for these modes in recent
firmware loads. If you go back far enough (6.x, I think) to pick
up these modes, you also pick up other undesirable bugs.. It's
not clear whether they did this because they wanted to remove
the feature, or if they just needed the space (perhaps someone
else on the list has heard more about this.)

In contrast, Prism-based cards work fairly well in monitor
or promiscuous mode. The developers of the wlan-ng driver
did not put it in the last release (0.1.13), but there's
a patch that supposedly adds promiscuous mode to it.

	o Latest wlan-ng driver:

	o promiscuous patch:

I've not tried this patch myself yet, I only read about it
this morning..

Kismet may need monitor mode to get access to the 802.11 headers,
and I think that mode is well supported in the vanilla 0.1.13
driver. Any local kismet users care to chime in ?
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