What kind of distances are you trying to achieve?  A 24db dish antenna will
provide you with a 23 mile link as long as you can get it high enough to
avoid any obstructions.  Ditching the 15db + amp for a 24db would probably
save you some money.

Is a 500mW amp even legal on a 15db antenna?  With a 24db antenna, the FCC
limits you to 150 or 200mW (forgot the exact number).


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Richard T Nechanicky [mailto:v0key at yahoo.com] 
> Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 5:06 PM
> To: tcwug-list at tcwug.org
> Subject: [TCWUG] Antennas/Amplifiers - Recommendations?
> Hello All,
> I am looking at upgrading my antenna (which I use for
> picking up WLANs from a distance...not really war
> driving since it will be set up on a tripod).  Just so
> you all don't think I am a nut case, I have been doing
> this for clients across the country as they deploy
> WLANs (not to mention my own R&D around the Twin
> Cities).
> The question I have is do any of you have any
> recommended antennas/amplifiers (or packages) based
> upon your experience or what you have read/heard.
> My current shopping list includes the following
> antenna and amplifier that I will be plugging into my
> Orinco card, so any feedback would be greatly
> appreciated.  If there are any engineers (e.g. EEs)
> out there, please feel free to comment on the
> combination I have below and if it makes sense...
> (1) HyperGain(r) 2.4 GHz Mini 15 dBi Reflector Grid
> Antenna (model HG2415G)
> (2) HyperAmp(tm) 500 mW 2.4 GHz Bi-Directional AGC
> Amplifier (model HA2401-AGC500 with Automatic Gain
> Control)
> Thanks in advance for the help,
> Rich
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