On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Mustafa Siddiqui wrote:
> As per Asim Beg's note, I bought a Proxim's RangeLAN-DS 802.11b PCMCIA
> Card.
>   I want to use it with a Linksys WAP11.  The card does not come with
> the XP drivers and my IBM Think Pad does not seem to recognize the
> wireless card (it comes with a built-in ethernet card that I still
> want to use with the wired LAN).  I checked for the drivers on the
> Proxim site with no luck.  I even wrote to them without getting the
> right response.

It's a Prism2 card, so you can modify any other Prism2 driver to recognize
this card's PCI ID.

I had to do this for a few various cards.. 'twas fun  :)

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