> From: Andy Isaacson <adi at hexapodia.org>
> On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 06:19:30PM -0600, Neal wrote:
>>>>> #4: Promote the use of ham radio, and ham clubs.
>>>> Immaterial.
>>> Immaterial for you, but one of my long-term goals.
>> Your personal long term goals and those of a community wireless network in
>> the Twin Cities are not the same. Amateur Radio already have packet networks
>> on their spectrum. Let them use theirs. We'll develop our own.
> So?  Ben titled his email, "MY goals".  One of *my* goals in this
> project is to wear a pink tutu on top of Moos tower[1], and that would
> be valid in my list of goals, whether or not anyone else shared that
> goal.

Anyone's individual goals are secondary to the primary goal of building a
wireless community network.

> If we're going to have some "List of Goals" or something else
> marketroidish,

Without project planning and what is to be achieved by the project would
doom the entire effort. "Marketdroidish" makes it sound as if Project
Engineering Is Not A Good Thing(tm).

> then of course the elements of that list should be
> amenable to everyone.  But this was a mail to the list enumerating one
> individual's goals.

Some of which will divert resources from or dilute what I believe to be the
prime directive of this entire exercise:

#/usr/local/reiterate -v

<building a wireless network>.