Sigh.  I wanted to *lower* noise on the mailing lists, 'cause I know
*I* hate it when people have these drawn-out semantic arguments rather
than getting stuff done.  That's why I did *not* reply to the list, and
no thanks to Neal for CCing the list on his reply to my private message
(and editing my text to boot).

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 07:05:51PM -0600, Neal wrote:
> Andy Isaacson wrote:
> > So?  Ben titled his email, "MY goals".  One of *my* goals in this
> > project is to wear a pink tutu on top of Moos tower[1], and that would
> > be valid in my list of goals, whether or not anyone else shared that
> > goal.

The footnote that he left out was

[1] not really.

> Anyone's individual goals are secondary to the primary goal of building a
> wireless community network.

Volunteers do stuff because they want to.  Whatever goals they have are
their own business (until they start forcing others to do stuff).

-andy (not wearing a pink tutu)