Dear tcwug-ers:

As I resident of the City of St. Paul who (currently) has some time on my hands, I have been preparing a proposal that I am going to
put forward to the Board of Water Commissioners of the 'St. Paul Regional Water Service'.
 * I'd like them to consider: (1) building their own WLAN on the Antenna Towers and Water Towers that they already own, and (2)
going into business as their own WISP.

I expect that I will soon have "version 0.9" of my E-mail/proposal ready to send off.

I would like your input as to:
* How I should further edit the my proposal's text and
* any persons who would be interested in attending either one of two in person meetings I hope to schedule in the near future.

The last time I printed out the proposal it was 7 pages long.
If you feel it would be appropriate, I will send it in to tcwug-list at as a message.

If this sounds interesting to you, please E-mail me directly at becky at, as I'm sorry to say that I do not read the tcwug list
with a great deal of consistancy.

Sincerely yours,

Leif O. Pihl