Is the router blocking the ports required for Netmeeting and Messenger?

The easiest and least secure way to fix port blocking is to put your
computer in your routers DMZ.  The router manual should be able to step
you through that.  Generally routers do not allow more than one computer
in the DMZ so this would not help much if you are trying to make calls
from more than one computer.  You will want to configure the router to
allow some ports to pass thru,

Here are the ports listed for Netmeeting from

389 Internet Locator Service (ILS) TCP 
522 User Location Service TCP 
1503 T.120 TCP 
1720 H.323 call setup TCP 
1731 Audio call control TCP 

Here is a troubleshooting document for Messenger from Microsoft:;en-us;324214

Good luck,

> Message that i got is as follows:  Warning..your computer, ip, or
> uses some type of network address translater (NAT).  Some NATs prevent
> successful audio/video conversations!  I didn't have this problem
> going wireless.  What do I do to fix it?  Thks & Rgds,  Brian

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