Tks...I will try to change router settings.  This usr8022 router/w/printer 
server is a challenge, sometimes
RGDS, Brian

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>Subject: RE: Fwd: [TCWUG] messinger has a firewall/nat operating!
>Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 12:53:57 -0500
>Is the router blocking the ports required for Netmeeting and Messenger?
>The easiest and least secure way to fix port blocking is to put your
>computer in your routers DMZ.  The router manual should be able to step
>you through that.  Generally routers do not allow more than one computer
>in the DMZ so this would not help much if you are trying to make calls
>from more than one computer.  You will want to configure the router to
>allow some ports to pass thru,
>Here are the ports listed for Netmeeting from
>389 Internet Locator Service (ILS) TCP
>522 User Location Service TCP
>1503 T.120 TCP
>1720 H.323 call setup TCP
>1731 Audio call control TCP
>Here is a troubleshooting document for Messenger from Microsoft:
>Good luck,
> > Message that i got is as follows:  Warning..your computer, ip, or
> > uses some type of network address translater (NAT).  Some NATs prevent
> > successful audio/video conversations!  I didn't have this problem
> > going wireless.  What do I do to fix it?  Thks & Rgds,  Brian
> >
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