Here is why I brought up the outreach and securing access points.

I've been passively scanning the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and suburbs
with my laptop while I'm driving and/or walking from here to there.  So
far, I have found 1329 access points that are not secured and 954 access
points that are secured.  Not all of the AP's are left at the default
settings, most have changed the ESSID.  I have not tried associating to
any of the access points so I only know they are broadcasting packets on
2.4 GHz bandwidth.

These access points would be an amazing resource to TCWUG if the owners
of the AP's can be found and would be willing to work with us.  Maybe
TCWUG can work with one neighborhood at a time and see if TCWUG can get
that neighborhood setup with wireless internet access?  I'm working on
some information that can be left out in public locations or posted to
poles relating to the group.  I'll be posting some to the list here

TCWUG should be an information source not an implementation source.  I
believe that TCWUG should be making recommendations and/or coordinating
wireless networking in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Loring Park is a
good PR project but TCWUG currently do not have an overabundance of
people participating.

As far as securing access points, TCWUG should be informing people that
they should implement some form of security and inform them of the risk
if they do not.  Security does add a level of complexity that is
sometimes unnecessary.  I'm not sure if security is more like insurance
or an anti-virus, you do not really need either but when you do it's a
little too late.  I do not think it is possible for TCWUG can take it
upon itself to implement security for everyone in the Minneapolis/St.
Paul area.


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