Here¹s the snip from the meeting notes:

Andrew been working on literature that could be distributed to the public
that talks about wireless, TCWUG, and generally encourages people to get
involved and set up hotspots. A question at the meeting was: by using
netstumbler, or just turning on your wi-fi card, you/we can see networks and
tell if they¹re open or not. Also, it¹s not to hard to narrow the location
down to a small area. Here¹s the problem: how can we contact the person
running the hotspot, and either get them to list themselves as a public
hotspot or help them secure their network, without, for lack of a better
phrase, creeping them out totally? I¹m going to post this to the list as a
separate piece, as I think outreach is pretty important, and I¹d like to get
some other views.

Ideas? Thoughts? 

Andrew, can you post your brochure?

Ben Nelson
612.685.9116 cell
benmgroup at earthlink.net

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