For any people that just recently signed up for the discussion list, how
easy was it to find TCWUG?  I know TCWUG is listed on Personal Telco's
site but I do not know of anything other than that.

Here is what I'm basically thinking of with the outreach.

We can find an area with an AP.  We can then post this flyer to a post
near the AP.  Not right in front of the house that we think has the AP
but on at the ends of the street.  Maybe we can post them on the streets
adjacent to the street with the AP, too.  We can also post it into local
coffee shops and other places that are flyer friendly.

I'm thinking something that just has a blurb about the TCWUG meetings,
discussion list and the TCWUG URL.  I was thinking of something like
this  I think I want to work
on it some more.  I do not know if it would be better to put a contact
person on it.  It may appear more personable but I'm not sure.

Since I do not know all of my neighbors, I was also thinking of
something like a heads up to YOUR neighbors of YOUR access point.  Here
is what I am thinking

I'm thinking of starting a neighborhood wireless user group.  I think I
will try this in my neighborhood first and see how people respond.


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