when last we saw our hero (Tuesday, Aug 26, 2003), 
 Mike Ellsworth was madly tapping out:
> Does anyone know of a decent authentication scheme that will work with
> everything? The ones I know about require either specific hardware, or some
> kind of client install. I'm not opposed to a minimal client install, but
> would prefer something that requires nothing and works with Windows, Mac,
> and Linux. I'm thinking it's too early for 802.1x.

the only mechanism(s) that will reliably work across all of the above
platforms w/nominal client install would be pppoe and ipsec (available
for all of the aforementioned platforms).  if you really don't want a
client install, you might consider using a web based portal
authentication package ala nocatauth[1]. such a package will simply
redirect traffic until some level of authentication takes place and
then punch the appropriate holes in the firewall.  

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[1] http://www.nocat.net

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