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I have a store near 494 & Lyndale. I also have Road Runner Biz Class
I have been thinking of putting together some kind of Wireless Network.
I have a Compaq Prolient 3000 Server just sitting here collecting Dust.
It currently has no OS installed. PII 333 512mg RAM & two 9GB HD's.
Anyone know how to put this to good use ?
Windows NT Server or Linux ?
I think because I have Biz Class RoadRunner I can do what I want with my
I do not want to call Time Warner and ask though.
Any Ideas would be appreciated.

Todd Uebe
Bigbike of Minneapolis

What kind of network? Who will you be serving? Will it be a private or
public intranet, or both? Will the server be a router or firewall?

I'd say go with linux in any case.

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