Uebe, Todd wrote:
>    Greetings,
>    I have a store near 494 & Lyndale. I also have Road Runner Biz Class
>    Service.
>    [...]
>    I think because I have Biz Class RoadRunner I can do what I want with
>    my Bandwidth.
>    I do not want to call Time Warner and ask though.

I think as long as you don't re-sell, you're good to go, but I'd
have to go back and re-check their terms of service..

>    Any Ideas would be appreciated.

What is your goal ? To provide free access for clients within
some radius (the store, the block, the neighborhood) ?

If the desired range is beyond the store, then you'll want to
use some sort of external antenna, most likely an onmi-directional,
or possibly a panel, depending on the desired coverage area.

I'd recommend going the Linux route, assuming you're comfortable
with that. As someone mentioned, you may want to consider one
of the distros that target this kind of application, such as
Knoppix, as opposed to something like RH 8/9 (though there's
nothing stopping you getting the system going under just
about any distro - if you have a favourite, use it.)

You will need to choose one of the following options for
wireless connectivity:

	o Wireless card installed in server, connected
	  to external antenna. I would recommend a card
	  based on the Intersil Prism chipset, and the
	  hostap driver.

	o An access point, which is connected to the server
	  via ethernet. You can mount the access point near
	  to the antenna, cutting down on losses in the coax
	  used to connect the radio to the antenna.

Both of these setups are supported by numerous captive/active
portal solutions (nocat, nocat-clones & homegrown.)

I think it's a great idea, and there are several people on
the list doing exactly the same thing as (I think) you're
contemplating. Hopefully they'll contact you either on the
list, or in private, and share their experiences & opinions
with you.
andyw at pobox.com

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