I've gone to other meetups and they're on the up and up. They make their
money getting a spiff from venues to drive traffic to them. John Dean used
meetups to organize his supporters.

I wouldn't recommend paying the money to suggest a venue, though. Doesn't
seem like it's worth it to me.

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I was curious about this "MeetUp" thing (a business?) so I did the free
sign-up.  This seems to be some sort of commercial control
for many local interests.  One must be a paying member in order to suggest a
meeting place.  I think a bunch of TCWUG members should
sign in, and all vote to hold a "meet-up" at a particular place while laying
low about the TCWUG until we better know how this
MeetUp thing seeks to control local publicity, membership, and activity.
Something about this MeetUp group has a smell about it..

Anyone interested?


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Unfortunately, fewer than 5 people voted on a venue, so the
Minneapolis, MN Wi-Fi Meetup is cancelled this month. Help make
it happen next month!

What you can do now:

1. Check to see if there's a Wi-Fi Meetup happening this month
in another city near you:

2. Help spread the word for next month:

* Tell friends about
* Post flyers around town:
* Tell good websites about

3. Get involved with Wi-Fi Meetups in other ways while waiting
for more local Wi-Fi Geeks:

4. There are Meetup Days everywhere on 3500+ topics. Visit:

Thanks for your patience!

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