>I think a bunch of TCWUG members should sign in, and all vote to 
>hold a "meet-up" at a particular place while laying low about the 
>TCWUG until we better know how this MeetUp thing seeks to control 
>local publicity, membership, and activity.  Something about this 
>MeetUp group has a smell about it..

Skepticism is a good thing.

I'm not an active member of this (TCWUG) group, but do lurk and watch 
what's up. I've met the founders of "Meet-Up", examined the concept, 
and visited the site - I think its a good concept, run by good 
people, and very useful for connecting people who aren't already 

I'm not sure if it will be a successful business model or how much 
value it has to group like TCWUG. The main value would probably be in 
helping to select a meeting location, but it might also help recruit 
new members.

NOTE: I've not actually attended any "Meet-Up" events.

I know that the Brewery Cafe, on West 7th is a meet-up location 
(businesses hoping to attract Meet-Up meetings pay for the service). 
The Brewery Cafe also has a wireless connection and a meeting space. 
(Disclosure: I know the owners and am planning some meetings there 

For those who know Steve Clift, I'm pretty sure that he knows the 
"Meet-Up" people as well.

I hope that this is helpful.

If your ever interested in talking about E-Democracy, please let me 
know. I'd be happy to come to to a meeting or correspond in this list.

Best wishes,

Tim Erickson
List Manager
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