Hi, I hope someone her can help me out. I am trying to get a Wifi signal
through an entire condo building. The building is 7 stories and has 33
units, it is in Mexico and has a lot of concrete and rebar. 
Can anyone give me any ideas using off the self products. The biggest
problem is that I am not there year round to administer it, so I am trying
to sty away for a wireless access point on each floor. I am trying to keep
it simple so if the goes down (routers need rebooting) I can walk someone
through it over the phone. 
I was thinking of using a powerline adapter
Coming off the main router and then have an adaptor in each condo but I do
not think that will work because each condo has its own meter and own
My second idea is using a booster
http://www.hawkingtech.com/prodList.php?FamID=72  off the main router and
may be off all other access points. I think I might be able to cut down to 3
access points that way. Any ideas anyone can give me will be appreciated. I
have to plan this out because I have to bring all the equipment with me
because it is not available down there. 
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