You might want to see if you can get someone to try the Belkin Pre-N 
gear out there and see how the MIMO tech they licensed works in that 

Or, find a building around here and try it out.  I would be completely 
interested to see how it works in concrete and rebar with additional 
interference.  The office building I work in (6 floors, but more like 2 
or 3 times the size is my guess) takes over 25 802.11b 100mW  AP's to 
just barely cover -- mostly because its concrete and rebar.  Ugh.

You'll find with concrete/rebar floors that you'll most likely need an 
AP on each floor.

Alternatively, if wireless is impossible, you could use a Cisco LRE 
solution if you can convince the local phone company that putting LRE 
injectors on their network where they demarc into the building is ok. 
Cisco has gone through the pain of certifying them in some markets, so 
this might be easier than it sounds. (but, my guess is the phone company 
would tell you to go away!) The hardware is more expensive, but the 
benefit would be that its dead simple.

If the phone service is in house, this would be even easier to 
implement.  Downside, its more like ~$355/user to implement for the 
hardware. (2950 LRE switches 1x24 and 1x8, CPE equipment, and POTS 
splitter)  $20-30 less if you had your own CAT3 to run over, but if you 
ended up pulling your own cable, might as well go CAT5 and run ethernet.

On the upside, that would be 6 megabit connections (or faster) to each 
user rather than a shared wireless medium.

The 2950 isn't a router, so you'd need to hook something up to it, too.

Jeff Musto wrote:
> Hi, I hope someone her can help me out. I am trying to get a Wifi signal
> through an entire condo building. The building is 7 stories and has 33
> units, it is in Mexico and has a lot of concrete and rebar. 
> Can anyone give me any ideas using off the self products. The biggest
> problem is that I am not there year round to administer it, so I am trying
> to sty away for a wireless access point on each floor. I am trying to keep
> it simple so if the goes down (routers need rebooting) I can walk someone
> through it over the phone. 
> I was thinking of using a powerline adapter
> 01539&pcount=&Product_Id=152632
> Coming off the main router and then have an adaptor in each condo but I do
> not think that will work because each condo has its own meter and own
> circuit.
> My second idea is using a booster
>  off the main router and
> may be off all other access points. I think I might be able to cut down to 3
> access points that way. Any ideas anyone can give me will be appreciated. I
> have to plan this out because I have to bring all the equipment with me
> because it is not available down there. 
>                     Thanks
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