On 7 Sep 2004, Kevin Lombardo wrote:
> hello-
> i live in a rural area and have few options for broadband. i was
> perusing through wireless options when i found a company call Alvarion
> which produces a product line called Breezecom - i'm sure many people
> on this list know of them.
> anyway, they advertise their products as utilizing OFDM and they claim
> they can get ranges up to 31 miles in a Non-Line-Of-Sight environment.
> do these devices really work? can they really get 31 miles without
> line-of-sight?

OFDM is used for 802.11a,g and 802.16 (WiMax).  WiMax reportedly can go
long distances under NLOS conditions.  802.11b has gone over 31 miles in
LOS conditions... YMMV...

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