> Shame on you,

> 5.8GHz cordless phones pollute 802.11a

Ok, however there is little 802.11a easily and cheaply obtainable on the
market anymore for the home user.  It has been pushed to the commerical
point to point or Canopy type systems.

> 5.8GHz cordless phones are only 5.8GHz from the base to the handheld, the
> handheld uses 2.4ghz to talk to the base, which means you're polluting
> *both* bands.

Large general statement that does not apply to all or even most 5.8GHz
phones.  However, the key is to not have the base on 2.4 and the talkback
channel interference can be managed by channel selection on the 802.11b
device.  5.8GHz and 802.11b/g devices coexist well in a home environment.

> Go back to 900mhz, you don't need 16 phones spread throughout your house.

Ok, sure!  Agreed!  Now back to reality. Companies have all but discontinued
the manufacture of 900Mhz phones and the remaining stuff out there is junk.
Maybe this is a good reason why an open RF market driven by manufacturing
without Frequency coordination is a bad idea at best and chaotic at worst.
I guess nothing was learned from the CB debacle of the 70's, the FRS/GMRS
debacle and now WAPs.  To come will be RFID tags, unshielded BPL technology,
longer duration low power datastreams like bi-directional communicating car
starters, garage door openers, Bluetooth and more.  Consider if the Cellular
industry had been developed like the 802.xxx world. You get what you vote
for with cheap dollars.  What was that about pollution?

Maybe Michael Powell is not the best guy to head up the national RF
infrastructure?  ANY technical expertise might be a plus.

Now I go back to stealth mode, I hope.

S. Earl Jarosh,  N0HZ
6128681313 at mobile.att.net
searljarosh at moneycenters.com

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