>Ok, sure!  Agreed!  Now back to reality. Companies have all but discontinued
>the manufacture of 900Mhz phones and the remaining stuff out there is junk.

I've observed this myself.  I want to see 900 mhz phones with the same
high-end features that are on the 2.4 and 5.8 ghz models.  The range on 900
mhz should be better, provided that the transceivers can handle good s/n
ratios, have decent power output and antennas.  Maybe that's where the 2
mile Engenius 900mhz cordless phones come into play.

Also, I'm somewhat surprised that cordless phone manufacturers haven't
provided a fix for the popping and clicking heard on these devices.  I'm
certain it can be done, perhaps it hasn't been done because it makes the
devices more costly to produce and cuts into profit margins.  As far as I
can tell cell phones don't have nearly the amount of popping/clicking as
cordless phones.  Is this because they run on licensed frequencies, use
better hardware, or both?

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