Ok,  Phones that utilize DSSS (digital sequencing spread spectrum)
modulation method that are not in the 2.4GHz range will be your best bet.
This is most of the current 5.8GHz phones and some of the old 900MHz phones.
A lot of the old 900Mhz phones were either analogue or FHSS (frequency
hopping spread spectrum) and are prone to pops and clicks from the
environment or a poor implementation of FHSS.  In theory a FHSS and a DSSS
should be able to coexist in the same frequency spread (radio band) such as
a 2.4GHz FHSS phone and a 802.11b WAP (specified as a 2.4GHz DSSS data
system).  In practice this coexistence is marginal at best.

Probably the best solution to this would be for the WAP and Phone
manufacturers to get together to integrate phone and data out of the same
WAP(VOIP anybody?).  Second would be for all phones to move to 5.8 and all
data to 2.4 (I can dream can't I?).  There is some development in the works
and there are some new Cisco rumors but it won't be priced for the home for
a long time.

S. Earl Jarosh,  N0HZ
Money Centers of America
V.P. of Information Technology
6128681313 at mobile.att.net
searljarosh at moneycenters.com

> My first 900 MHz was a (state-of-the-art at that time) 2-line
> spread-spectrum unit that worked almost a mile away from home, even with
> base inside my house with grounded steel siding. I had the 2nd phone line
> connected to my computer sound card, for experimental VOIP use. It even
> supported hot-swapping the battery with a second battery that charged in
> base unit, without losing the signal. Unfortunately that great phone died
> long ago. My one-year-old cheap analog 900 MHz barely used to work outside
> near a window or door, but now barely works a few feet from the base unit,
> probably from neighborhood 900 MHz interference. I just want to know what
> phone to get that won't interfere with my D-Link 2.4 GHz WAP or my Netgear
> GHz WAP. Even a 900 MHz that works with no chirps/clicks/pops in my
> neighborhood would be fine..

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