My first 900 MHz was a (state-of-the-art at that time) 2-line 
spread-spectrum unit that worked almost a mile away from home, even with the 
base inside my house with grounded steel siding. I had the 2nd phone line 
connected to my computer sound card, for experimental VOIP use. It even 
supported hot-swapping the battery with a second battery that charged in the 
base unit, without losing the signal. Unfortunately that great phone died 
long ago. My one-year-old cheap analog 900 MHz barely used to work outside 
near a window or door, but now barely works a few feet from the base unit, 
probably from neighborhood 900 MHz interference. I just want to know what 
phone to get that won't interfere with my D-Link 2.4 GHz WAP or my Netgear 5 
GHz WAP. Even a 900 MHz that works with no chirps/clicks/pops in my 
neighborhood would be fine...

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> >Ok, sure!  Agreed!  Now back to reality. Companies have all but 
> >discontinued
>>the manufacture of 900Mhz phones and the remaining stuff out there is 
> I've observed this myself.  I want to see 900 mhz phones with the same
> high-end features that are on the 2.4 and 5.8 ghz models.  The range on 
> 900
> mhz should be better, provided that the transceivers can handle good s/n
> ratios, have decent power output and antennas.  Maybe that's where the 2
> mile Engenius 900mhz cordless phones come into play.
> Also, I'm somewhat surprised that cordless phone manufacturers haven't
> provided a fix for the popping and clicking heard on these devices.  I'm
> certain it can be done, perhaps it hasn't been done because it makes the
> devices more costly to produce and cuts into profit margins.  As far as I
> can tell cell phones don't have nearly the amount of popping/clicking as
> cordless phones.  Is this because they run on licensed frequencies, use
> better hardware, or both?
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