>> Is the wap54g the AP equivalent of the wrt54g? Same internals except 
>> for the
>> router?
>i don't know that it has the same internals. the source for the OS has 
>been released and folks have built their own images.  i don't think 
>that it has the processing horsepower of the wrt54g.
>that said, i believe that this will work in client AP mode w/a wrt54g 
>which does facilitate some interesting topologies.

I believe the two are very similar except the WRT54G router has a built-in
5 port switch (one port is used internally, 4 externally accessible), maybe
more memory and cpu power.  The WRT54G is generally lower in price and
AFAIK has many more firmware options and activity than the WAP54G.  The
official Linksys WRT54G firmware does not have a client mode in it, but
firmware from wifibox and sveasoft and some others do add the missing
client mode.  In other words, if you change the firmware on a WRT54G to one
of the custom versions, you won't be missing anything from the WAP54G.

Personally I see no reason to buy a WAP54G instead of WRT54G if you're
comfortable with using customized firmware.  (I'm running two, soon to be
three, WRT54G routers in WDS mode which lets me avoid needing to do the
client-mode-device back-to-back with an AP trick).  WDS=Wireless
Distribution System...here's a good Proxim tech bulletin reference about

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