I'm new to the TCWUG mailing list and recently got WAP54G, WRT54G and WPC54G at home.

As was already pointed out, WRT54G is cheaper, has additional Ethernet ports and more firmware options, but WAP54G can be a either a client or an access point using the original firmware.

Current WRT54G model (version 2) has a 200 MHz processor.  WAP54G and older WRT54G models have 125 MHz.

WRT54G has more NVRAM, so space for more programs in either original or modified firmware.

WRT54G original firmware also has CGI bugs (different bug on different versions) allowing arbitrary shell commands from the admin web interface.  This permits undocumented configuration changes like power adjustment and monitor mode, even without modifying firmware.

Seattle Wireless has information about both products:


You can find more with a Google search, but some of the more interesting sites aren't in English.

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