Bob Tanner wrote:
> I'm working with one of the local wisp in the metro area. 
> [...]
> The 'ok' and acceptable numbers seem really high to me. Any comments?

Can you supply any more data ? It's impossible to have
a useful opinion given the sketchy facts provided.

I'm thinking of:

	o link type (ptp, ptmp)
	o if ptmp - what's the client:ap ratio
	o what manufacturer/equipment
	o wep/wpa/etc active
	o link characteristics (length, antenna etc)
	o how are you measuring packet loss (at the MAC level,
	  or at the IP level) 
	o channel utilisation
	o what's the distribution of the delay

Off the cuff, 5% packet loss at the IP level isn't that out of the
ordinary for ptmp. Without knowing the distribution of the delay, it's
not useful to speculate on it.
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