At 04:07 PM 5/11/2005 -0500, Bob Tanner wrote:
>I'm working with one of the local wisp in the metro area. 
>Using several different tools and different analysis methods, I'm seeing, on 
>	8% loss 
>	92ms ping times
>With as much as 50% loss and 5000ms ping times.
>The sample data is from  2 weeks of 24x7 monitoring. 
>I do not have access to our side of the wifi link, so the monitoring is the 
>public side of the firewall and the remote site of the wifi link.
>I talked to the technical support people and was told 5% to 8% loss, given 
>utilization is 'ok' and 8ms to 10ms is acceptable ping times.
>The 'ok' and acceptable numbers seem really high to me. Any comments?

I'd agree that these packet loss levels seem high.  I've read and
personally observed that packet loss levels about 5% tend to make a really
lousy connections for interactive traffic like ssh and RDP(remote desktop).
 Packet loss on my neighborhood WLAN is generally under 1%, usually around
0.5% (half a percent).  I do see rare spikes of 100% loss that usually goes
away within 5 minutes or so.

Do you have any info on the signal-to-noise ratios for that wireless link?
It seems that you have a marginal connection that is fading in and out.
Maybe a different antenna would help?  If you have access to the config
parameters, you may also benefit from setting the WLAN bitrates to lower
settings (e.g. instead of 11 mbps, set it at 2 mbps).