Hey Tim-

Sure thing. I can bring two more access points for you. Give me a call and
we can work out the times, address and details.

---Matthew Genelin---
Fast Computer Service Co.

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Subject: [tcwug-list] Help With Mayoral Debate

I'm supposed to set up a temporary wireless network at Central
Presbyterian Church, for tomorrow nights St. Paul Mayoral debate. St.
Paul E-Democracy is a co-sponsor.

I've taken my apple Airport Express down and hooked it up to their
DSL modem and been able to access the internet from it.

However, by itself it does not have the range that I'd like.

Is there anyone with more experience than myself that is interested
in helping set up and manage this temporary wireless network?

I'm asking for help because,

#1) I'd like to extend the signal further than I was able
#2) I'm nervous that despite my experiment, things won't
     work tomorrow night and I'm won't be able to get
     it up and running (I'm a novice at wireless stuff)

If you can't help on-site, but feel competent to offer telephone
support, that would also be helpful, please let me know.

We would need to get the network up and running sometime after 2:00
(tomorrow) and well before 6:00 PM. Doors open at 6:00.

The purpose is for the campaigns to be able to communicate during the
debate and for some e-democracy folks (in the room) to "chat" with
folks who are listening to the live broadcast on MPR.

Best wishes,

Tim Erickson

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