Sounds like a good deal.  I live in NE minneapolis also; near central and 
st. anthony pkwy.  I'm pretty much a newbie to 802.11 but I'd be interested 
in doing what I can to contribute to any kind of network we set up.  A 
TCWUG meeting is definately overdue :)


At 11:17 AM 4/28/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>i joined this mailing list a couple of weeks ago and i just recently
>finished catching up on the mailing list archives.  from some of the
>discussions that took place a couple of months ago there was some interest
>in creating a real community wireless network but nothing (or so it would
>seem from the archives) was really done about it.
>i've had several opportunities to use the seattle wireless networks and
>several in the bay area as well as the guerrilla network in the boston
>area and i'm quite disappointed that there isn't anything equivalent in
>the twin cities area.
>since building really big service provider networks is what i do for a
>living. i figured if i'm disappointed in this i should really do something
>about it.
>is there a populace amongst the list that would be interested in meeting
>and coordinating the deployment (albeit i'm sure quite limited at this
>time?) of such a network?  i'm in the process of setting up a public
>access point in my neighborhood (NE minneapolis) once my omnis show up.
>i've been hacking on the NoCatAuth stuff ( to talk to
>real routers (cisco) for the traffic shaping and such.  since this seems
>to be the most promising mode of community authentication i would be quite
>willing to host an authetication server for local authentication and
>integration with other WCNs.
>any takers? any interest in setting up a face to face meeting for
>interested parties? there are a plethora of network design and
>administration issues which would need to be addressed in deploying this
>on any scale. i understand that the dunn bros. in st. paul has wireless
>access and that it will be forthcoming at a few other locations.  if there
>is considerable interest in a whiteboard session i can likely host a
>meeting a class/meeting room at work with a whiteboard. (sorry - no public
>wireless access).
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