On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Mike Hicks wrote:
> I recently bought a laptop (looks like it's been delivered, but is
> sitting in my apartment building's office tonight), and am looking at
> getting a wireless card for it.  Since 802.1x is the Next Big Thing,
> do I have to worry about hardware supporting that, or is it just a
> software layer, or what?

If you want one that "just works", go Aironet or Orinoco. Drivers for both
of those are in the stock PCMCIA distribution, and don't require any

If you want a card you can use in Host AP mode, go buy a Prism2-based
card. It requires a bit of playing to get working, but you can do all
sorts of cool tweaks with the cards that you can't do with Cisco/Orinoco.

Inexpensive route:


This card is a relabeled ZComax XI-300 (Prism2 chipset), with older
firmware (updating the firmware is kind of a chore on this card; but it
can be done) It only works in 3.3v PCMCIA slots, which means it only works
in newer laptops, but it also sucks less power. This card is only $45,
which kills the price of any other card. One really neat feature is it has
a removable antenna, so you can hook up an external high-gain antenna if
you so desire.

On the 802.1x topic, it's going to require new hardware from what I've
read, but nobody has it yet -- so if you need wireless now, it's not worth
waiting around for it. If you can wait a year or two, by all means, wait a
year or two.  :)

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