Bob Tanner wrote:
> Quoting Mike Hicks (hick0088 at
> > I recently bought a laptop (looks like it's been delivered, but is sitting
> > in my apartment building's office tonight), and am looking at getting a
> > wireless card for it.  Since 802.1x is the Next Big Thing, do I have to
> > worry about hardware supporting that, or is it just a software layer, or
> > what?
> It's all in the card. Just get a good PCMCIA card and you'll have not problems.

802.1x is an authentication scheme, and will affect things like
the host driver implementation more than the cards hardware/firmware.

> Nate will fight me on this, but I prefer the Cisco AiroNet stuff. It's a little
> more pricey then others, but it's rock solid under linux. I even took my Cisco
> Wireless specialization course using AiroNet gear under Linux, even though
> Windows was "required".

The Cisco cards are good. Lucent/Orinoco/Agere are also solid
performers (they are rebadged as Compaq, Gateway, Sony and others.)

The D-Link/Linksys/SMC/Netgears of this world are mostly quick-spins
on the Intersil reference design, and the range and performance
reflect this (as does the price.)

Among Intersil-based cards, the zcomax is said to stand out for
it's above average performance.

You can pick up Agere silver(40 bit WEP)/gold (128 bit WEP) cards
on used market for $50-$75 if price is a concern.
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