On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Richard T Nechanicky wrote:
> Fedex-ing the antenna is not an option since I am often at multiple
> locations within the same week...portability was unfortunately a major
> criteria for selection.
> I do have the cisco cards (350s), and agree that they kick out more
> than 100mW, but they will not (to my knowledge) connect to the
> antennas I am looking at.  You may be able to help me jerry rig it,
> and if so by all means please do (this is something I would like to
> get out of this mailing list).  Otherwise I will have to use one of my
> Orincos which are about 100mW...The only reason I am getting the 100mW
> is because that was all the vendor had below 250mW and it was thrown
> in at no additional cost (i.e. package deal).
> Let me know if you (or anyone else out there) knows how I can hook the
> cisco card up to an external antenna.

You can get a Cisco LMC-350, which supports external antennas. You can buy
a MMCX->whatever pigtail..

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